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Sofya City: Blacksmith

[NPC] ??????
[NPC] ?????
[NPC] ??????[1 Handed Sword] Dia Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Clarity Rose
[1 Handed Sword] Adel Sword
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword IV
[1 Handed Sword] Leve Fang
[1 Handed Sword] Festival Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Butcher's Knife
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword III
[1 Handed Sword] Indigo Sword
[1 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Sword III
[1 Handed Sword] Longsword
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword II
[1 Handed Sword] 1st Anniv Sword III
[1 Handed Sword] Sacred Sword Xmas
[1 Handed Sword] Imperial Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Soldier Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Brutal Dragon Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Scimitar
[1 Handed Sword] Chicken Sword
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Accordion-fold Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Sakura Kodachi
[1 Handed Sword] Crescent Axe
[1 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Sword II
[1 Handed Sword] Dark General's Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Shortsword
[1 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Sword V
[1 Handed Sword] 1st Anniv Sword II
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword VII
[1 Handed Sword] Sabre
[1 Handed Sword] Cake Knife
[1 Handed Sword] Ilwoon
[1 Handed Sword] Icebrand Glacier
[1 Handed Sword] Pytho Blade
[1 Handed Sword] Black Sword of Delusion
[1 Handed Sword] Rapier
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword VI
[1 Handed Sword] Sword of Sin
[1 Handed Sword] Blitz Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Zahhak Sword
[1 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Jupiter Sword
[1 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Sword IV
[1 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Sword V
[1 Handed Sword] 1st Anniv Sword
[1 Handed Sword] Gladius
[2 Handed Sword] 1st Anniv Greatsword
[2 Handed Sword] Sinergatis
[2 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Greatsword V
[2 Handed Sword] Sakura Edge
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword
[2 Handed Sword] Iron Blade
[2 Handed Sword] Waldfee
[2 Handed Sword] Longblade
[2 Handed Sword] Zweihander
[2 Handed Sword] Flamberge
[2 Handed Sword] Iron Exoskeleton Sword
[2 Handed Sword] Sealing Blade
[2 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Greatsword
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword VII
[2 Handed Sword] Flame Blade
[2 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Greatsword IV
[2 Handed Sword] Hammerfall
[2 Handed Sword] 1st Anniv Greatsword III
[2 Handed Sword] Frostbrand Rime
[2 Handed Sword] Fortis Blade
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword VI
[2 Handed Sword] Oni Iron Club
[2 Handed Sword] Chocolate Eater
[2 Handed Sword] Great Sword
[2 Handed Sword] Bone Blade
[2 Handed Sword] Golden Greatsword
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword V
[2 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Greatsword III
[2 Handed Sword] Desert Anfel
[2 Handed Sword] 1st AnnivGreatsword II
[2 Handed Sword] Dia Edge
[2 Handed Sword] Order Espada
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword IV
[2 Handed Sword] Berserker Blade
[2 Handed Sword] Deseperanza
[2 Handed Sword] Heavy Blade
[2 Handed Sword] Heated Pumpkin Axe
[2 Handed Sword] Volcanic Sword
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword III
[2 Handed Sword] Wind Plunder
[2 Handed Sword] Stubborn Hammer
[2 Handed Sword] 3rd Anniv Greatsword II
[2 Handed Sword] 2nd Anniv Greatsword II
[Additional] Iron Helm
[Additional] Agios' Hat
[Additional] Nun Hat
[Additional] Bunny Ears Hood
[Additional] Santa Hat
[Additional] Pom Pom Hat
[Additional] Party Glasses
[Additional] Traveler's Cape
[Additional] Ear Cuff
[Additional] Spooky Mask
[Additional] Hachigane
[Additional] Okame Mask
[Additional] Feather Hat
[Additional] Brutal Dragon Cape
[Additional] Pumpkin Mask
[Additional] Pretty Ribbon T
[Additional] Oracle Hat
[Additional] Knight Cape
[Additional] Oni Potum Mask Red
[Additional] Viola Horns
[Additional] Surprise Tomahawk
[Additional] Colon Met
[Additional] Oni Afro
[Additional] Ear Muff
[Additional] Bonnet
[Additional] Candy Ears
[Additional] Unicorn Helm
[Additional] Easter Balloons
[Additional] Adel Cape
[Additional] Neck Warmer
[Additional] Knife Belt
[Additional] Belt Pouch
[Additional] Fountain Hat
[Additional] Magic Swordsman's Coat
[Additional] Tyrant Mask
[Additional] Snow Dome
[Additional] Forehead Protector
[Additional] Wizard Hat
[Additional] Finpen Mask
[Additional] Ninja Hat
[Additional] Sandogasa
[Additional] Pretty Ribbon L
[Additional] Golden Fake Greatsword
[Additional] Dawn Hat
[Additional] Headband
[Additional] White Clover Headband
[Additional] Medical Bag
[Additional] Reindeer Mask
[Additional] Magic Scarf
[Additional] Yummy Dango
[Additional] Lil Devil Horn
[Additional] Bandage Eyepatch
[Additional] Charm Belt
[Additional] Kitty Hat
[Additional] Gear Wings
[Additional] Sombrero
[Additional] Bandana
[Additional] Wing Egg Bag
[Additional] Stier
[Additional] Phetor Hat
[Additional] Pirate Bandana
[Additional] Straw Hat
[Additional] One-Winged Headband
[Additional] Pomu the Witch
[Additional] Big Ribbon
[Additional] Sweet Basket
[Additional] Scarf
[Additional] Devil Circlet
[Additional] Curled Horns
[Additional] Hood
[Additional] Needle Helmet
[Additional] Gas Mask
[Additional] Forehead Guard
[Additional] Kanzashi Lollipop
[Additional] Pointed Hat
[Additional] Horns Hair Wig
[Additional] Cat Tail
[Additional] Sallet
[Additional] Cheek Rouge
[Additional] Ribbon Hairband
[Additional] Eggshell Pants
[Additional] Persimmon Coryn Helmet
[Additional] Priest Hat
[Additional] Belt Eyepatch
[Additional] Circle of Order
[Additional] Pretty Ribbon
[Additional] Warrior Helm
[Additional] Chocolate Pretzel
[Additional] Knitted Scarf
[Additional] Flower Headband
[Additional] White Silver Necklace
[Additional] Holy Earrings
[Additional] Hanami Lanterns
[Additional] Elven Ear Cuffs
[Additional] Chocolate Scarf
[Additional] Fake Mustache
[Additional] Feather
[Additional] Mushroom Cap
[Additional] Overskirt
[Additional] Pie Face
[Additional] Circlet
[Additional] Yummy Cookie
[Additional] Sakura Ribbon
[Additional] Osmanthus Barrette
[Additional] Kitty Mask
[Additional] Top Hat
[Additional] Pumpkin Mask
[Additional] Carp Streamer Hat
[Additional] Market Hat
[Additional] Hunter's Cap
[Additional] Easter Bunny
[Additional] Spiky Bandana
[Additional] Nightcap
[Additional] Gem Earrings
[Additional] Ice Candy
[Additional] Monocle
[Additional] Bat Waist Cape
[Additional] Gothic Hat
[Additional] Ribbon
[Additional] Fairy Hat
[Additional] Forest Wolf Cape
[Additional] Fighter Chignon Cap
[Additional] Sunglasses
[Additional] Cat Hairband
[Additional] Witch's Hat
[Additional] Potum Helmet
[Additional] Candy Bouquet
[Additional] Hachimaki
[Additional] Fukumasu Potum
[Additional] Dog Ears
[Additional] Fur Ten Gallon
[Additional] Cat-Ear Hood
[Additional] Fox Ears
[Additional] Eggshell Hat
[Additional] Beast Collar
[Additional] Mage Cape
[Additional] Mysterious Hood
[Additional] Oni Potum Mask Blue
[Additional] Beak Mask
[Additional] Rose in Mouth
[Additional] Mage Hat
[Additional] Onigawara Buckle
[Additional] Cupid Potum
[Additional] Knapsack
[Additional] Butterfly Ribbon
[Additional] Soda Potum Hat
[Additional] White Cap
[Additional] Dragon Horns
[Additional] Otsukimi Hat
[Additional] Jiangshi Hat
[Additional] Chocolate Beret
[Additional] Assassin Mask
[Additional] Sakura Hair Ornament
[Additional] Skull Cape
[Additional] Scholar's Glasses
[Additional] Dragon Ears
[Additional] Tyrant Grievance
[Additional] Yummy Chicken
[Additional] Fluffy Tail
[Additional] Bunny Ears
[Additional] Sakura Branch Horns
[Additional] Chocolate Headband
[Additional] Pretty Ribbon R
[Additional] Origami Kabuto
[Additional] Hair Band
[Additional] Leather Cap
[Additional] Sunny Side Beret
[Additional] Green Wyvern Cape
[Additional] Cersier's Hair Ornament
[Additional] Lop Eared Hat
[Additional] Sakura Cheek
[Additional] Lil Devil Barrette
[Additional] Trinity Earrings
[Additional] Loincloth
[Additional] Two-Headed Snake Crown
[Additional] Wolf Mask
[Additional] Snowman Head
[Additional] Iron Mask
[Additional] Dark Hood
[Additional] Hair Turban
[Arrow] Candy Arrow
[Arrow] Blade Arrow
[Arrow] Mithril Arrow
[Arrow] Cacao Arrow
[Arrow] Wind Slash Arrow
[Arrow] Ice Arrow
[Arrow] Thin Sharp Arrow
[Arrow] Heavy Bolt
[Arrow] Hardwood Arrow
[Arrow] Tempest Arrow
[Arrow] Artisan Arrow
[Arrow] Iron Arrow
[Arrow] Wooden Arrow
[Arrow] Hunter's Arrow
[Arrow] Fire Arrow
[Armor] Halloween Garb
[Armor] Praetor Suit
[Armor] Twilight Dress
[Armor] Soda Swimsuit
[Armor] Halloween Garb II
[Armor] Warrior Mail
[Armor] Fortistra
[Armor] Medic Coat
[Armor] Straye Garb
[Armor] Knight Armor
[Armor] Otsukimi Garb
[Armor] Santa Suit
[Armor] Plate Armor
[Armor] Sakura Kimono
[Armor] Ooze Armor
[Armor] Sakura Kimono III
[Armor] Snowman Garb
[Armor] Armigma
[Armor] Forest Wolf Garb
[Armor] Leather Armor
[Armor] Brigandine
[Armor] Hunter's Garb
[Armor] Finpen Wet Suit
[Armor] Gladiator Armor
[Armor] Fightwear
[Armor] Magic Swordsman's Garb
[Armor] Mozt Armor
[Armor] Assassin Garb
[Armor] Aqua Garb
[Armor] Lil Devil Garb
[Armor] Outerworld Armor
[Armor] Oracle Robe
[Armor] Holy Robe
[Armor] Santa Suit II
[Armor] Santa Suit III
[Armor] Adventurer's Garb
[Armor] Halloween Garb
[Armor] Killer Coat
[Armor] Mage Robe
[Armor] Anniversary Dress
[Armor] Fortuita Vestibus
[Armor] Brutal Dragon Armor
[Armor] Diomeda Suit
[Armor] Sakura Kimono II
[Armor] Green Dragon Garb
[Armor] Scale Armor
[Armor] Reindeer Suit
[Armor] Magic Crystal Armor
[Armor] Mad Doctor Garb
[Bow] Desert Mentum
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow VII
[Bow] Thunderbolt Bow
[Bow] Iron Exoskeleton Bow
[Bow] 1st Anniv Bow
[Bow] Icebow Verglas
[Bow] Stone Bow
[Bow] 2nd Anniv Bow III
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow VI
[Bow] Skeleton Bow
[Bow] Berserk Wind
[Bow] Sefeed Bow
[Bow] Death Eater
[Bow] Hardwood Bow
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow V
[Bow] Metal Horn Bow
[Bow] Dia Shooter
[Bow] Water Guardian Bow
[Bow] Grand Horn Bow
[Bow] Gear Bow
[Bow] 2nd Anniv Bow II
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow IV
[Bow] 1st Anniv Bow III
[Bow] Steel Leaf Bow
[Bow] 2nd Anniv Bow V
[Bow] Huge Steel Bow
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow III
[Bow] Panzer Bow
[Bow] Bow
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow II
[Bow] Iron Bow
[Bow] Cupid Bow
[Bow] Forest Wolf Bow
[Bow] 2nd Anniv Bow
[Bow] Sakura Shooter
[Bow] 1st Anniv Bow II
[Bow] 3rd Anniv Bow
[Bow] Leve Bow
[Bow] Ring Bow
[Bow] 2nd Anniv Bow IV
[Bow] Blaster Bow
[Bow] Lilac Bow
[Bow] Long Bow
[Bowgun] Metal Bowgun
[Bowgun] Dia Bowgun
[Bowgun] Bexiz Bowgun
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun IV
[Bowgun] 1st Anniv Bowgun
[Bowgun] Iron Barrel
[Bowgun] 2nd Anniv Bowgun
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun III
[Bowgun] Axe Bowgun
[Bowgun] 2nd Anniv Bowgun IV
[Bowgun] Delight Gun
[Bowgun] Empress Bowgun
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun II
[Bowgun] Plasma Gun
[Bowgun] Double Strings
[Bowgun] Sakura Matchlock
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun
[Bowgun] Sword Bowgun
[Bowgun] 1st Anniv Bowgun III
[Bowgun] Edged Bowgun
[Bowgun] Rifled Musket
[Bowgun] Hunter Bowgun
[Bowgun] 2nd Anniv Bowgun III
[Bowgun] Magic Bowgun
[Bowgun] Mad Sniper
[Bowgun] Assault Barrel
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun VII
[Bowgun] Ice Gun Hail
[Bowgun] Bowgun
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun VI
[Bowgun] 1st Anniv Bowgun II
[Bowgun] Bayonet
[Bowgun] Short Musket
[Bowgun] 2nd Anniv Bowgun II
[Bowgun] Fusee Trahison
[Bowgun] Cute Bowgun
[Bowgun] War Bowgun
[Bowgun] 2nd Anniv Bowgun V
[Bowgun] Arched Bowgun
[Bowgun] 3rd Anniv Bowgun V
[Dagger] Power Knife
[Dagger] Magic Dagger
[Dagger] Army Knife
[Dagger] Caravan Dagger
[Dagger] Heavy Knife
[Dagger] Bush Knife
[Dagger] Chocolate Knife
[Dagger] Biscuit Knife
[Dagger] Dagger
[Dagger] Kukri
[Dagger] Parrying Dagger
[Dagger] Lightweight Knife
[Dagger] Blood Drain Knife
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles V
[Knuckles] 1st Anniv Knuckles II
[Knuckles] Mad Palms
[Knuckles] Berserker Cestuses
[Knuckles] Dia Knuckles
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles IV
[Knuckles] 2nd Anniv Knuckles II
[Knuckles] 2nd Anniv Knuckles V
[Knuckles] Chakrums
[Knuckles] Chocolate Gifts
[Knuckles] Knuckle Duster
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles III
[Knuckles] Jamadhar
[Knuckles] 1st Anniv Knuckles
[Knuckles] Triple Ice Cream
[Knuckles] Zaif Sadik
[Knuckles] Emeldia
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles II
[Knuckles] Devil Claws
[Knuckles] Sakura Gloves
[Knuckles] 2nd Anniv Knuckles
[Knuckles] 2nd Anniv Knuckles IV
[Knuckles] Chemical Ring
[Knuckles] Ghost Puppets
[Knuckles] Cat Paws
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles
[Knuckles] Iron Knuckles
[Knuckles] Volcanic Claws
[Knuckles] Gardien
[Knuckles] Epetal
[Knuckles] 1st Anniv Knuckles III
[Knuckles] Tri Claws
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles VII
[Knuckles] Katar
[Knuckles] Iceclaw Snow
[Knuckles] Hard Knuckles
[Knuckles] 2nd Anniv Knuckles III
[Knuckles] 3rd Anniv Knuckles VI
[Knuckles] Iron Thorns
[Knuckles] Knuckles
[Knuckles] Claws
[Knuckles] Iron Bear Claw
[Magic Device] 2nd Anniv Wings
[Magic Device] Magic Brooch
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings VII
[Magic Device] La Lluvia
[Magic Device] Jade Wings
[Magic Device] Magi Klug
[Magic Device] 2nd Anniv Wings IV
[Magic Device] Icecrystal Icicle
[Magic Device] Valentia
[Magic Device] Whirlwind
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings VI
[Magic Device] Fairy Peace
[Magic Device] Wrath of Vulcan
[Magic Device] Vita Cores
[Magic Device] 1st Anniv Wings
[Magic Device] Frost Skirt
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings V
[Magic Device] 2nd Anniv Wings III
[Magic Device] Dia Wings
[Magic Device] Layered Magic System
[Magic Device] El Vento
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings IV
[Magic Device] Magi Vein
[Magic Device] Floral Light
[Magic Device] Metal Wings
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings III
[Magic Device] 1st Anniv Wings III
[Magic Device] Empress Soul
[Magic Device] Halloween Bat
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings II
[Magic Device] 2nd Anniv Wings II
[Magic Device] Sakura Wings
[Magic Device] Magic Feather
[Magic Device] 2nd Anniv Wings V
[Magic Device] Elsand
[Magic Device] 3rd Anniv Wings
[Magic Device] Elflame
[Magic Device] Dark Fear
[Magic Device] 1st Anniv Wings II
[Magic Device] Aranea Ore
[Magic Device] Halloween Bat
[Magic Device] Fairy Peace
[Shield] 2nd Anniv Shield II
[Shield] Indigo Shield
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield V
[Shield] 2nd Anniv Shield V
[Shield] 1st Anniv Shield II
[Shield] Spike Shield
[Shield] Imperial Shield
[Shield] Relief Shield
[Shield] Buckler
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield IV
[Shield] Black Shield Of Delusion
[Shield] Iron Shield
[Shield] 2nd Anniv Shield
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield III
[Shield] 2nd Anniv Shield IV
[Shield] 1st Anniv Shield
[Shield] Spirit Shield Navida
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield II
[Shield] Juno Shield
[Shield] Marble Shield
[Shield] Kite Shield
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield
[Shield] Cross Shield
[Shield] Scale Shield
[Shield] Ooze Shield
[Shield] Albero Shield
[Shield] 2nd Anniv Shield III
[Shield] Cake Shield
[Shield] Shell Buckler
[Shield] 1st Anniv Shield III
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield VII
[Shield] Coffin Shield
[Shield] Zahhak Shield
[Shield] Light Silt
[Shield] Vulcan Shield
[Shield] 3rd Anniv Shield VI
[Shield] Dark General's Shield
[Shield] Hard Buckler
[Special] Stamina Talisman IV
[Special] Magic Swordsman's Ring
[Special] Adroit Warrior's Bangle
[Special] Weaken Talisman
[Special] Stamina Talisman II
[Special] Magic Talisman
[Special] Ring of Greed
[Special] Cookie Talisman
[Special] Dexterity Talisman
[Special] Chocolate Ring
[Special] Magic Talisman III
[Special] Hard Arm Guard
[Special] Dexterity Talisman III
[Special] Magic Talisman IV
[Special] Magician's Ring
[Special] Unsheathe Bangle
[Special] Dexterity Talisman IV
[Special] Magic Talisman II
[Special] Muscle Talisman
[Special] Dexterity Talisman II
[Special] Cookie Ring
[Special] Speed Talisman
[Special] Muscle Talisman III
[Special] Magician's Bangle
[Special] Speed Talisman III
[Special] Muscle Talisman IV
[Special] Spy's Talisman
[Special] Pumpkin Ring
[Special] Adroit Mage's Bangle
[Special] Speed Talisman IV
[Special] Muscle Talisman II
[Special] Speed Talisman II
[Special] Stamina Talisman
[Special] Bow Thimble
[Special] Warrior's Bangle
[Special] Chocolate Charm
[Special] Stamina Talisman III
[Special] Knight's Talisman
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff II
[Staff] Ooze Staff
[Staff] Sakura Staff
[Staff] Mace of Destruction
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff
[Staff] 1st Anniv Staff
[Staff] Lollipop Staff
[Staff] Rod
[Staff] 2nd Anniv Staff II
[Staff] Sage Staff
[Staff] Water Staff
[Staff] 2nd Anniv Staff V
[Staff] Devil's Staff
[Staff] Lollipop Staff
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff VII
[Staff] Folium Staff
[Staff] Sweet Spoon
[Staff] Libra
[Staff] Fire Staff
[Staff] Icestaff Frigus
[Staff] Crystal Wand
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff VI
[Staff] Vulcan Staff
[Staff] 1st Anniv Staff III
[Staff] 2nd Anniv Staff
[Staff] Mage Rod
[Staff] 2nd Anniv Staff IV
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff V
[Staff] Scrader Mace
[Staff] Spirit's Tear
[Staff] Priest Mace
[Staff] Rock Staff
[Staff] Crystal Rod
[Staff] Dia Staff
[Staff] Bexiz Staff
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff IV
[Staff] 1st Anniv Staff II
[Staff] Storm Staff
[Staff] 3rd Anniv Staff III
[Staff] Wind Staff
[Staff] 2nd Anniv Staff III
[Halberd] Knight Lance
[Halberd] Thunder Spear
[Halberd] Gwai Reaper
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd II
[Halberd] Azure Rose
[Halberd] Pollaxe
[Halberd] Spear
[Halberd] Lil Devil Lance
[Halberd] Mauez's Pole
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd
[Halberd] Battle Spear
[Halberd] 2nd Anniv Halberd III
[Halberd] Bardiche
[Halberd] Mezraq
[Halberd] Intruder
[Halberd] Paladin Spear
[Halberd] Noble Glaive
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd VII
[Halberd] Magic Crystal Spear
[Halberd] 2nd Anniv Halberd II
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd VI
[Halberd] Heavy Spear
[Halberd] Amcrie
[Halberd] Ice Spear Glaso
[Halberd] 2nd Anniv Halberd V
[Halberd] Blade Lance
[Halberd] Sakura Naginata
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd V
[Halberd] Festival Spear
[Halberd] Dia Spear
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd IV
[Halberd] 2nd Anniv Halberd
[Halberd] Golden Lance
[Halberd] Glaive
[Halberd] Floral Lance
[Halberd] Einsamkeit
[Halberd] 2nd Anniv Halberd IV
[Halberd] Trident
[Halberd] 3rd Anniv Halberd III
[Katana] Faldios
[Katana] Caro Tesla
[Katana] Kuro Momiji
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana VII
[Katana] Shirasaya
[Katana] Mukuro Koshirae
[Katana] Kuwagumo
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana VI
[Katana] Iradium
[Katana] Tatetsuba
[Katana] Shura Koshirae
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana V
[Katana] Ice Katana Ace
[Katana] Iron Fang
[Katana] Kuro Tsurubami
[Katana] Dia Lamina
[Katana] Kasakiri
[Katana] Aobato
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana IV
[Katana] Chocolate Katana
[Katana] Golden Katana
[Katana] Kiraboshi
[Katana] Sakura Katana
[Katana] Koga Koshirae
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana III
[Katana] Sumire Renkyoku
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana II
[Katana] Mafu Swordstick
[Katana] Nameless Uchigatana
[Katana] 3rd Anniv Katana
[Katana] Minotaur's Katana
[Katana] Ooze Lamina