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[NPC] ???????
[NPC] ???????[Usable] Flower Nectar
[Usable] Shiny Powder
[Usable] Muscle Mushroom
[Usable] Shading Handkerchief
[Usable] Tricolor Dango
[Usable] Starlight Potion
[Usable] Regera I
[Usable] Magic Fragrant Wood
[Usable] Magic Proof Coat
[Usable] Stab-Proof Sheet
[Usable] Muscle Oil
[Usable] Power Candy
[Usable] Overheat Potion
[Usable] Revita VI
[Usable] Regera III
[Usable] Wind Protection Charm
[Usable] Revita II
[Usable] Pear Tart
[Usable] Mega Speed Potion
[Usable] Otsukimi Dango
[Usable] Renowned Archer's Beard
[Usable] Dried Persimon
[Usable] Revita V
[Usable] Tricolor Dango II
[Usable] Vaccine II
[Usable] Aggro Tonic
[Usable] Mashed Sweet Potato
[Usable] Blade Oil
[Usable] Accuracy Potion
[Usable] Third Eye
[Usable] [Book of Dancer]
[Usable] Sakuramochi
[Usable] Vaccine III
[Usable] Magiadd I
[Usable] Fairy Eye Drop
[Usable] Protector Plate
[Usable] Mana Supply Stone
[Usable] Magic Amplifier
[Usable] Guard Potion
[Usable] Regera V
[Usable] Shock Absorbing Cream
[Usable] Water Protection Charm
[Usable] Regera II
[Usable] Monster Pot
[Usable] Speed Potion
[Usable] [Book of Magic Warrior]
[Usable] Power Essence
[Usable] Magiadd III
[Usable] Hot Tomato Juice
[Usable] Vaccine I
[Usable] Super Bandage
[Usable] Giga Speed Potion
[Usable] Salt-Grilled Saury
[Usable] Magic Absorption Stone
[Usable] Vita Plus II
[Usable] Fighter's Red Loincloth
[Usable] [Book Minstrel]
[Usable] Heart Chocolate
[Usable] Ginkgo Nut Rice
[Usable] Inspiration Scarf
[Usable] Grape Chewing Gum
[Usable] Anti Darkness Gloves
[Usable] Toram Liquor
[Usable] Gloves of Aiming
[Usable] Revita I
[Usable] Butterfly Float
[Usable] Tera Speed Potion
[Usable] Magic Barrier Wand
[Usable] Fire Protection Charm
[Usable] Magiadd II
[Usable] Sticky Dumpling
[Usable] Black Mist Candy
[Usable] [Book of Darkness]
[Usable] Revita IV
[Usable] Vita Plus III
[Usable] Earth Protection Charm
[Usable] Regera IV
[Usable] Revita III
[Usable] Grape Jelly
[Usable] Stardust Magic Potion
[Usable] War Dead Bracelet
[Usable] Shooting Star Potion
[Usable] Baked Sweet Potato
[Usable] Sakura Regera
[Usable] Vita Plus I
[Usable] Spell Headphones
[Usable] Heart Cookie
[Usable] Matsutake Soup
[Refining Aid] Silver Pom Refine
[Refining Aid] Bronze Pom Refine
[Refining Aid] Gold Pom Refine
[Material] Ruby
[Material] Hairstyle: Back (Long)
[Material] Lapiz Lazuli
[Material] Sapphire
[Material] Hairstyle: Tail (Long)
[Material] Emerald
[Material] Magical Stadiometer
[Material] Amethyst
[Material] Diamond
[Material] Hairstyle: Bangs (Medium)
[Material] Aquamarine
[Material] Moonstone
[Material] Hairstyle: Back (Medium)
[Material] Red Agate
[Material] Onyx
[Material] Hairstyle: Tail (Medium)
[Material] Citrine
[Material] Topaz
[Material] Eye Catalog
[Material] Rose Quartz
[Material] Pet Cage
[Material] Obsidian
[Material] Hairstyle: Bangs (Short)
[Material] Sunstone
[Material] Hairstyle: Back (Short)
[Material] Garnet
[Material] Hairstyle: Tail (Short)
[Material] Peridot
[Material] Zircon
[Material] Face Catalog
[Material] Tourmaline
[Material] Beryl
[Material] Pearl
[Material] Hairstyle: Bangs (Long)
[Ore] Mithril
[Ore] Damascus Steel
[Ore] Iron